We know that nowadays we live in modern era where we’re so attached to technology to do everything we need in our daily basis. And talking about Information Technology (IT) nowadays, it is the fastest growing of everyone’s needs in the world and leads to new invention to fulfil those needs. To do so, people are eager to use the most sophisticated technologies to make things easier and/or even to stand out among others, basically in business.

IT will never be apart in computing. And cloud computing is the latest major evolution in computing. Cloud Computing involves deploying groups of remote servers and software networks. It allows different kinds of data sources be uploaded for real time processing to generate computing results, without the need to store processed data. It is also a paradigm where computing resources are available when needed, and you pay for their use in much the same way as for household utilities. Just as water is piped to your home and you pay for as much or as little as you use, cloud computing resources are available whenever needed and charges are based on how much you use them.

In an enterprise that has complex and expensive IT systems to support its business processes, who would not be attracted by the idea of just being able to pay on-demand for someone else to provide IT services without being concerned with the details of how it is done? Who would not welcome having several potential IT service suppliers, giving a competitive choice? Perhaps you no longer need an internal IT department, a business within your business of people who aren’t core to your products and services. You can stop worrying about hiring and retaining a workforce with IT skills that are in short supply and therefore at a premium. And you can escape from the confines of application upgrades and hardware obsolescence.

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